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Risk Management for Human Resources

90 Minutes

Recorded Webinar


Human Resources is called upon to manage risks as a major part of its function whether you are developing a major new hiring policy or planning a training program. Human Resources Managers are faced with unique risks related to local, State, and Federal, and international regulations and requirements. HR cannot afford to fail to analyze and plan to mitigate risks systematically. Even more problematic is dealing with unexpected risks. Learn to create mitigation plans for anticipated risks and a plan to deal with the unexpected. Use some simple tools to analyze risks and prioritize the need for planning. Be confident as you avoid unnecessary "firefighting" and manage risk strategically. 

Learning Objectives

No project or endeavor ever goes off completely as planned. Glitches, whether large or small, can derail your work if you are unprepared. Planning to manage risks assures a greater chance for minimum impact to schedule, cost, and desired results. Being prepared to deal with unexpected risks allows you to respond not react. Learn to:

  • Identify and evaluate the risks you face  
  • Analyze and assess risks qualitatively and quantitatively  
  • Decide how to allocate risk-related resources   
  • Develop mission-driven, results-oriented plans to avoid and mitigate risks   
  • Monitor and control risks, focusing on What’s Important Now  
  • Expect the unexpected   
  • Plan for the “New Normal,” whatever that is
  • Improve your risk management expertise.

Why Should You Attend

Human Resources Managers in every organization is in a different situation and HR professionals are grappling with establishing approaches which work in your specific environment. As employees return to the workplace, some are unscathed while others may suffer from PTSD. Learn how to execute plan that will work for your organization to keep workers safe, and deal with ongoing issues resulting from the pandemic. At the same time, you must deal with all the traditional HR issues.

Areas Covered

·      Understand your specific strengths and challenges

·      Issues you must deal with

·      Analyzing risks and prioritizing your responses

·      Developing robust risk management plans

·      Executing your plans and focusing on results not activity

·      Managing your staff remotely; best practices for staying connected

·      Striking the balance between the "rules" and flexibility

·      Maintaining strong relationships and engagement if physically distant

·      Staying up-to-date and tuning out the noise

·      Maintaining ongoing risk planning

·      Focusing on the "human" part of human resources; caring, compassion, communication

·      Planning for reintegration; applying lessons learned

·      Continually improving risk management

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