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Creating Civility in the Workforce – Whatever Happened to Respect?

90 Minutes

Recorded Webinar


This presentation is about how to change the viewing of the disrespectful persons and their behavior to where you move them to be solution orientated.

What happened to respect and civil behavior? What cost do we pay when we lose both? Uncivil behavior and the feeling of being left unaddressed begins a downward spiral you and your employees can’t afford. Incivility leads to gossip in the workplace, rumors, bullying, harassment and then ultimately, what we see too much in the news lately, sexual harassments. The over-worked, dis-engaged and undisciplined staff does more harm to your company's reputation and productivity than, what you can really afford.

Don't let anyone get comfortable by disrespecting you, your work skills, your ethnic background, your soft skills in leadership and communication, your department, or your work team.

Uncivil and disrespectful behavior, when left unchecked, becomes the culture of being rude, indifferent and uncaring. This generates the gossip and rumors. Gossip is someone trying to level the playing field by taking away what someone else has, fairly or unfairly, or to get what they don't have, and think they should have. They become rude.

Rudeness is the weak person's imitation of strength and a sledgehammer by others who know how to use it. Left unchecked, this can lead to bullying, harassment and then sexual harassment, creating a toxic workplace, and when publicised, a bad reputation that requires expensive damage control.

Over-worked, dis-engaged and undisciplined staff do more harm to your reputation and employee productivity than you can afford. A workplace culture of tolerating a bad attitude by one or more employees is not acceptable. The cause of the employee attitude is generated from how they are treated at work, a seeming lack of respect of them.

Learning Objectives

If you want to create and deliver a caring, supportive, engaging, an empowering stress-free and productive environment, consistently, you need to learn how:

  • Understand what creates bad behavior in the first place and what it escalates to
  • Practice the world’s two most powerful skills for gaining control of the situation
  • Learn how to calm down destructive behavior by using empathy and direct communication
  • Exercise the power of choice with the eight options you have
  • Adopt how to engage, empower and motivate in three profound but logical steps
  • Review the three self-tests that will stop conflict cold if utilized right away
  • Dealing with gossip in the workplace
  • Stop having managers inadvertently reward negative behavior and the four types of problem employees
  • How to identify and control bullying and harassment
  • Learn why and how you can coach for behavioral improvement

This presentation is how to change the viewing of the disrespectful person and their behavior to where you move them to be solution orientated. Respect reduces stress, and it drives up trust, engagement, creativity and productivity.

This webinar is for anyone who has to deal with the damage caused by uncivil, disrespectful, angry, or toxic people and their behaviors. If you are in charge of improving the client/ customer/patient/resident experience through a very effective staff engagement, development and training process, this is good for you. This includes CEO’s, HR and Customer Service Supervisors, Department and Managers and those who want to fast track careers by learning essential soft skill leadership attributes.

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Bruce Lee is an international event speaker, who brings practical business leadership, training and management experience gained in a good cross section of industries: - Charter Bank branch management and Alberta Manager for the VISA credit card Division of a Canadian Bank, - Senior marketing representative for a fully integrated Canadian oil and gas company, - Senior executive recruiter, establishing a consultant/referral partner office in England - Owning and managing a 24 hour a day, 365 days a year retail convenience store and gas bar business. - Marketing / Director of Service Development for a health care training company, specializing in patient and staff engagement, special projects and a focus on patient satisfaction survey measurement tools - As a hobby, organizes and chairs election campaign at every level of government - Active on several community associations in a leadership / board member role - Is active outdoors and a regular blood donor, with 501 donations to date Bruce has been providing education keynotes, workshops and webinars all across North America full time for the past 33 years. He now follows his passion – working with individuals and organizations to fast track and maximize the results they need to grow their careers, enhance their business success and lead a fuller personal life. He shares practical, real life examples on the most current topics people need, and each presentation includes a variety of complimentary additional resources, articles and tools to support the content and measure skill levels. The focus is on improving engagement and teambuilding with the added value of aligning corporate strategy to create high performance employees. The results are increased engagement and productivity for individuals, departments, and organizations; higher profitability; and increased customer and client satisfaction. Above all, the intent of every presentation is to ensure implementation of the ideas and strategies to move people ahead with a realizable return on their education event investment. Otherwise, why provide the training? In 2016 Bruce published his book: Why Trust Me? Making Trust Your Competitive Edge, with two updated versions of it to be released in early 2020.