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Diversity in the Workplace: Creating an Inclusive Environment

90 Minutes

Recorded Webinar


As we look at the changing demographics in today’s world it is clear that employers will be, and are, leading and managing a diverse workforce. Many employers in both the public and private sectors are now tasked with recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce to meet the wants and needs of a diverse customer base. In order to successfully meet this challenge employers must create and maintain an inclusive environment that fully understands and embraces workplace diversity and inclusion on a continuing basis.

This webinar will aid you and your organization in addressing, implementing and maintaining an inclusive workplace and employing a diverse workforce. You will be provided with specific strategies and approaches that move you from where you currently are to where you and your organization need to be. The focus is on creating the diversity/inclusion radar and sonar your organization needs to assure that it has and will continue to have its full complement of diversity and inclusion tools. In today’s global community these critical tools are needed to successfully compete in the marketplace. Unlike Affirmative Action, which focuses on numbers by race and gender, etc., our focus will be on sharing with you how to find, nurture and grow a diverse workforce by selecting candidates from both the external and internal pools of qualified individuals.

Learning Objectives

This webinar will show you how to “double down” by achieving the dual objectives of meeting customer needs and maintaining a workplace environment that fully supports diversity and inclusion. The keys to differentiating your company from competitors in this arena is the on-going work you put into developing your diverse workforce. These Four Seeds for Success are:

  • Substantive Communication
  • Building & Sustaining Relationships
  • Critical Thinking
  • Problem-solving

This webinar will share with you how, by utilizing the aforementioned, your organization can be the diversity/inclusion trendsetter and not the trend follower.

The emphasis is on the business case for this topic as well as how its existence aids in the recruitment and retention of a qualified diverse workforce that supports increased performance, productivity, and profits.

Areas Covered

Understanding Workplace Diversity and Managing It

  • What Is It and How Can It Help Me and My Organization?
  • Now That I Know What It Is How Do I Apply This New Knowledge?

Understanding Cultural Diversity and Managing It in the Workplace

  • What Is It and How Can It Help Me and My Organization?
  • Now That I Know What It Is How Do I Apply This New Knowledge?

How the Diversity Continuum Can Aid in the Design, Implementation and Maintenance of an Inclusive Workplace Environment for a Diverse Workforce

  • Affirmative Action/EEO Stage
  • Multicultural Stage
  • Diversity and Cultural Competency Stage

How Workforce/Workplace Diversity Can Provide Your Organization with a Competitive Advantage in the Global Marketplace

  • Strategies and Approaches to Optimizing Your Diverse Workforce
  • Benefits of the Inclusive Approach
  • Pitfalls of Affirmative Action and Multicultural Approaches
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T. Hensley Williams's Avatar

T. Hensley Williams

Workplace Management Expert

Ted is a workforce/workplace management consultant, trainer and coach. He serves a national clientele in 21+ industries. He has written timely and topical workplace/workforce articles for several national professional and trade magazines. He is a consummate speaker and presenter on workforce/workplace issues throughout the nation. He also provides valuable advice and guidance to start-up, expanding and well-established businesses. He combines his legal background with his demonstrated human resources management expertise to assist leadership in resolving emergent and long-term issues, initiatives and challenges that prevent or hamper performance, productivity and profits. His infectious sense of humor and illustrative stories for every situation complement his all- consuming need to ensure that audiences get the “real deal” and are able to use and share the information and knowledge they receive at his presentations. He will be sharing with webinar attendees the value of diversity and inclusion in today’s workplace. He w will address specific approaches and strategies to utilize when confronted with current and prospective workforce/workforce challenges that precede or are antecedent to workplace diversity and inclusion. Lastly, and most importantly he will show you how diversity and inclusion can aid you and your enhance and increase performance, productivity and profits.