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Transforming HR through Six Sigma: Adopting a New Way of Thinking about Human Resources

90 Minutes

Recorded Webinar


One of the major complaints levied against Human Resources is the amount of time it takes to process paperwork, conduct internal investigations, or respond to inquiries. These delays would be considered defects and strategies in the business world to reduce these defects and provide a more efficient process.

In this webinar you will understand HR excellence through the use of Six Sigma processes and approaches. We live in a world of intense competition. Organizations that can reduce waste and maximize their quality, efficiency, and rate of continuous improvement will attract and retain better employees and sustainable results, which adds to the bottom line.

This training provides opportunities through interactive online discussions to explore and establish best practices and answer real-life issues during the Q&A segment of the training.

Unlike other quality improvement efforts, Six Sigma uses a specific philosophy, measure, and methodology to provide tangible savings directly traceable to the bottom line. The benefits of adopting a Six Sigma approach include:

  •  A clear focus on activities and attributes that are crucial to customers.
  •  The elimination of process variation and inconsistency.
  • Targeted improvements provide the most significant financial return on effort and can be measured by increased profit, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Areas Covered

  • Participants will define what is meant by Six Sigma and how it can be applied to the HR process in a short amount of time.
  • Participants will be able to identify areas of defects in their HR processes and implement the five major components of Six Sigma and understand why HR professionals should adopt these strategies.
  • Participants will be able to leave with a template and complete an actual Six Sigma project as part of their competencies in establishing, implementing, and evaluating a Six Sigma project.
  • When participants complete the training course, they will be ready to start a basic Six Sigma project and know how to use the tools to gather data, how to interpret the data and sustain efficiency in their process of 70 percent or better.
  • This training course will address three significant challenges facing Human Resources:
  1. Being viewed as a business partner vs. a support member of the team.
  2. Move from reactionary in nature (fill positions, deal with employee grievances and complaints) to provide proactive strategies and insight into the institution's total management and decision-making.
  3. Respond to inquiries faster and reduce decision-making time by using a scientific approach to measure and evaluate outcomes.

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Lyman A. Montgomery

CEO of Focused Driven

Lyman A. Montgomery has over twenty- five years of HR experience in Employee Relations dealing with workplace issues and performance management. He is currently writing his dissertation for his Ph.D. in the area of focused employee engagement and sustained performance. Lyman is the president and CEO of Focused Driven Lifestyle Coaching, LLC. He is the author of five books, two of which are bestsellers and conducts workshops and seminars at conferences all over the United States.