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OSHA and Workplace Accident Investigations: What Employers Need to Know

90 Minutes

Recorded Webinar


No employer should view a workplace accident as “ordinary” or run-of-the-mill—especially when it results in injuries, or worse, fatalities. Therefore, no OSHA investigation is “routine”. While there is no set protocol for investigating every workplace accident, you can be aware of and address key considerations and common themes to ensure that your company as prepared they can be for an OSHA investigation.

Workplace accidents and resulting OSHA investigations, lead to serious legal consequences, including, without limitation, civil penalties, civil liability, citations, claims, or charges by OSHA, the injured employee(s) and/or victim(s), other employees, or third parties. Each such result can give rise to astronomical costs, and, in combination, those costs can increase exponentially. In extreme cases, criminal prosecutions are also a possibility.

In order to address workplace accidents effectively, and efficiently, you will need to heed the Boy Scout Motto: “Be prepared”. You will need to actually plan for the possibility (or likelihood) of accidents before they happen.

Why You Should Attend

In this webinar, we will review the information and procedures that can help a company through an OSHA investigation, providing either a starting point or a refresher for anyone looking to manage – or better manage OSHA compliance requirements both before and after a workplace accident.

Areas Covered

  • Intro: What Is OSHA and why is it important to worry about OSHA compliance?
  • How to Properly Prepare for Investigations
  • How to Properly Manage Investigations
  • Breakdown of the Elements of an OSHA Investigation (i.e., Opening and Closing Conferences, Walkaround, Document Requests, Employee and Management Interviews, etc.)
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Other Issues (e.g., Dealing with fatalities, internal reports, potential criminal liability, experts’ analyses, dealing with media, family, co-workers, etc.)
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Janette Levey Frisch

Employment & HR Attorney

Janette Levey Frisch, founder of The EmpLAWyerologist Firm, is an employment/HR attorney with over 20 year's legal experience. Ms. Frisch is a legal wellness professional for employment practices and workforce challenges. She works with employers to craft solid employment practices wellness plans tailored to address an organization’s needs and concerns. As a consultant, she offers legal services on virtually all federal and NJ and NY state employment law issues.